Friday, June 27, 2008

Reading in tongues: Psalm 89:1-4, 15-18

(A few of my favorite blogs are doing poetry Fridays. I thought that instead of poetry, I would try to do a translation of one of my lectionary readings each Friday.)

Your mercy, YHWH, 
I will sing forever,
From generation to generation I will 
shout out 
your truth 
with my mouth.
Because you said, 
Mercy will be built 
From the heavens I will establish 
your truth;
I made a covenant with my chosen,
I swore to my servant 
So forever I will
your seed
and I will build up 
from generation to generation
your throne.

διάψαλμα (selah)

are the people who have heard 
the joyful sound;
by the light of  your face 
they walked,
and in your name
they will be happy 
all day,
And by your justness 
they will be raised up 
and praised;
Because the boasting of their strength 
is you, 
and in your pleasure, 
our horn will be raised up 
and praised;
Because our help is 
of the Lord,
of holy Israel, 
our king.

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